This is the first collection of lights designed by Emanuel Gargano, and was inspired by his birthplace near Assisi, in the Italian region of Umbria. e designs are in sed with the specific natur e and culture of this special place. Rather than a empting to illuminate space with artificial light, the leitmo tif of this collection is to soften the shadows, to brighten the dark. Indeed, the light emanating from these designs comes from the darkness like a glimmer, a faint signal that never reveals its source. Its glow embodies an ever-radiant enigma, as if to emphasize and enhance the unique forms from which it ows. The designs’ raw materials have been processed and worked by hand, and feel as if they’ve tiptoed into the present from faraway memories of childhood and adolescence, experiences of family life in the countryside. eir resurgence from the darkness of the past is a manifestation of our human need to understand and enlighten ourselves by telling our own unique stories. More light objects than lamps, these creations are the fruit of Emanuel’s architectural vision and design experience, in which the element of light invariably plays a functional, decisive role in the modulation of space.

Emanuel Gargano

Italian designer Emanuel Gargano was born in Assisi, Umbria. The region profoundly shaped his creative and emotional sensibilities, and he continues to live and work there despite the fact that various experiences bring him to different parts of the globe. After graduating from the ISIA of Urbino, he moved to London and collaborated with architect Claudio Silvestrin, where he successfully grasped his calling to blend the concepts of “void” and ʼnothingness” regarding space, interpreted as his expression and perspective towards design. Currently his professional life is carried out between his firm in London and his laboratory in Assisi, where he studies and develops his artisanal approach and material research. It would be impossible to confine his multifaceted activities to a single professional field, as his work ranges from architecture to industrial design, contemporary art, and the study of light. His works reveal a deep fascination with both natural and synthetic materials, and he forges all kinds of physical matter in search of its innermost soul, a process that is likely parallel to what life itself continues to do with him day by day.

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